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Kudos to anyone that knows the purpose of this #wifi antenna at #pikesmarket to the right of the picture. I’ll give you a hint, it directly violates your fourth amendment rights by illegally search your cell phone without your consent and without proper cause.
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Flashback: HAARP Facility In NZ? Birdlings Flat Ionasonde, 75ks From Christchurch | NORTHLAND NEW ZEALAND

Someone did a great job on their research regarding New Zealand’s haarp program.

The free app called Pandoras Box shows HAARP locations worldwide.

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Flashback: HAARP Facility In NZ? Birdlings Flat Ionasonde, 75ks From Christchurch | NORTHLAND NEW ZEALAND

mass die offs

I initially just wanted to start out with a few articles but once I got going I turned up 34 articles in half an hour on mass die offs throughout the world. It’s a pretty confusing and concerning topic that no major network covers with any regularity.

Otterwalks made an excellent point on this stating “All life has neurologic function. Fish and birds use electromagnetic receptors to navigate and migrate. That dark line down the side of fish filet meat is a conductor. It isn’t hard to find that RF has passed and short circuited, thus killing them”



Does anyone otterwalks out there know what this dome does? It’s located at McMurdo base in Antarctica.

Good image find. This is the above ground part of the NSF/Raytheon Radome system which is the most used rebound site for ionospheric over the horizon Radar now known as IRI. In fact it is a HAARP type site; an ionospheric heater. Both polar regions are needed to receive, boost, and project the focused Synthetic Plasmic beams, wave forms, RF/EMF that is commonly labeled HAARP. 

In this case at 70,000 feet, Tankers spray GeoEngineering Slurries forming a conductive field in this atmospheric region. This altitude is where the gases and chemicals are present that are the needed to excite by electromagnetic energy – HAARP – and as such, begins ozone negation. 

You ask why? In the end this aerosol, radiated catalyst, atmospheric tearing by ionospheric heaters, will spread. It has been doing so since Polar Stratospheric Clouds were named in the 50′s. Since that time PSC-AKA-Nacreous Clouds have been migrating toward the equator from both polar regions. This, all by the hand of Technocracy; not by any form of anthropogenic; human, day to day existence. This is touched upon as the need for Carbon Taxes and Green this and that. In fact it is a thinning of the earths protective barrier. In this covert operation the purpose is to allow UV Radiation to elevate. UV A,B, and Deadly UV C are burning life. It is the modern age of Directed Energy Weapons being used with the planet as the testing grounds! DEW works toward a new Depopulation agenda. It is as the allegory of Noah where The Firmament dissipates and in so doing the flood ensues, killing all. In this modern age, the event that is building will be of the element fire. Flash Burn from synthetic and natural radiation will be unstoppable. 

This is Ozone Negation, visible in real time, as the chemical reaction takes place. It is charted as ozone holes. There are not actual holes, though they have attempted to punch right through the ionosphere; more on that in the future: it is a thinning of a key layer negating its inherent function; that of protecting earth and its life from solar radiation. Now, synthetic radiation is produced in the DEW race. As with the race to the Atomics, we face a force which should not be under the control of those with a Globalist mind set; an abhorrent pathology.  


This is one of many links with data and imagery on this operation.  Link:

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