This is the “wink” photograph, a shot of LBJ receiving a wink from his political Mentor Congressman Albert Thomas (back left with bow tie) after the swearing-in, the day John F Kennedy was murdered in Dallas.

Do you also notice how the muscles on Lyndon B. Johnson’s face are engaged? That presents strong visual evidence that he is smiling.

To the right of the photo is a grieving Jackie Kennedy.

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  1. That, within hours of the murder. LBJ appointed each member of the Warren Commission; black mailed the presiding chief justice of the Supreme Court, -Earl Warren. Dallas Thug, CIA director Allen Dulles -1953 thru 1963 -the veteran master spy, a ruthless covert operations manager responsible for coups in Guatemala and Iran: Cuba if he had not harbored such hatred of JFK. From
    Prescott Bush to feeble -Poppy -GWH Bush, the list of conspirators is dizzying.
    JFK was murdered by Social and Political Engineers opposed to his mind set which was evolving into a passive global imperialism. The CIA, Cuba, US Mafia, Global assassins, Nixon cronies, Skull and Bones men, and beyond incorporated, it appears, no less than 8 sets of shooters, with the kill shot from curb hight.

    This video -JFK to 911 a Rich Man’s Trick -has some assumptions born of disinformation from the original records and reports. It is, however, a good historic tale and worthy of its time and further research… Quick Link:

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