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Mapping out radiation worldwide for everyone.

Was this a phenomenon that was caused by reflection, refraction and dispersion of light in water droplets resulting in a spectrum of light appearing on the asphalt in the parking lot or……

Was this rainbow-colored sheen on the water flowing across the surface of the parking lot caused by a variety of nonpoint source pollutants (Motor oil and other chemicals)? Can the same type of pollution be observed in the sky?

just some food for thought

Not all of us can afford to purchase organic items on our budgets all the time but we can make an effort to purchase these items when our budget allows us to do so. Even the smallest purchase does make a difference to the farmers and ranchers that choose the organic lifestyle. Also, try to make purchases at your local farmers market to support the locally grown movement.

It’s important you watch this:

ISIS has weaponized propane tanks and you’re going to see these types of devices again in the near future on a different continent. 

43 Propane tanks were stolen in Philadelphia & there was also a massive loot involving propane tanks stolen in the state of Missouri along with a bulk purchase by cash of 150 burner phones.

The Loot involving Propane Tanks from Philadelphia included:

  • 43 Total
  • 24 Tanks the size of a forklift
  • 9x 100 LB Tanks
  • 4x 50 LB Tanks
  • 2x 2 LB Tanks

The Loot involving Propane Tanks from Missouri:

  • 46 Total (Size Unknown)

Simply stated, this is a red flag that I believe critical thinking individuals should know about.

There’s also been chatter of Middle Eastern Military Aged Males surveying & asking questions about certain dams in Missouri (especially Bagnell Dam).  However, I have no idea how credible this source is.

Keep safe and stock up on emergency food supplies.