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Who Armed, Funded and Trained ISIS?

The Gentlemen being interviewed is a former General for the United States Army & ex-Director of the DIA (Top Military Spy Chief).  His name is Michael Flynn and he clearly states the USA supported the rise of ISIS.

I’m not going to be too long winded on this post & I’ll let you hear it straight from the horses mouth.  Share it with your family, friends and colleagues if you think it’ll enlighten them. 

Darkness is truly upon us and blowback is imminent.

The 5 Steps of Critical Thinking

1. Identify the problem. 

  • Remove your emotion and apply logic
  • Keep an open mind 
  • Be a Skeptic 
  • Apply your Intellectualism
  • Use your Free thinking ability

2. Collect Evidence. 

  • Research books, news articles and even video’s on the topic you’re researching.

3. Evaluate the evidence. 

  • Has this event happened in the past in similar fashion?
  • How accurate is the information gathered (give as many sources as you can)? 
  • Was there motive?
  • Differentiate between fact and opinion?  (remember to remove emotion)

4. Come to a Conclusion. 

  • Draw conclusions
    from the gathered evidence and pose solutions.
  • Depending on your topic, you can go a bit further. 
    • Then, weigh the advantages and
       disadvantages of each alternative.
    • What are the costs, benefits, and consequences of the alternatives? What are the obstacles, and how can they be handled? 

5. Evaluation-Publish. 

  • This involves making judgements about the value of various methods, ideas,
    findings, solutions etc.  Judgements should be supported by evidence
    from your research, literature etc.  The basis/criteria for the stated
    judgements must be made explicit.

I highly encourage everybody to copy and paste the following topics into their search engine and use the process of thought provided from above.

  • Who Funds ISIS?
  • Lyme disease origin
  • Operation Northwoods
  • Operation Ajax
  • St. Jo Program

Be careful, you might just become into what the media calls a “conspiracy theorist”.

Thank you for reading & share it if you were enlightened.

And here are the sources





DHS caught busing in illegal Somalis from Mexican border

When ISIS launches their large scale guerrilla warfare operation on US Soil that is anticipated by every 3 letter agency we can only hope that there is an investigation that finds out how they got into the United States, who financed them, and who armed them.

Realistically, a respectable investigation conducted by an honorable team is highly unlikely & it’s very probable that a similar version of the embarrassing 9/11 Commission Report would be released in the aftermath.

Slowly, Americans are starting to reengage their critical thinking skills but unfortunately it’s just not quick enough.  Martial Law will be declared when this event occurs and the aftermath will launch the USA into the New World Order.

DHS caught busing in illegal Somalis from Mexican border