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It’s important you watch this:

ISIS has weaponized propane tanks and you’re going to see these types of devices again in the near future on a different continent. 

43 Propane tanks were stolen in Philadelphia & there was also a massive loot involving propane tanks stolen in the state of Missouri along with a bulk purchase by cash of 150 burner phones.

The Loot involving Propane Tanks from Philadelphia included:

  • 43 Total
  • 24 Tanks the size of a forklift
  • 9x 100 LB Tanks
  • 4x 50 LB Tanks
  • 2x 2 LB Tanks

The Loot involving Propane Tanks from Missouri:

  • 46 Total (Size Unknown)

Simply stated, this is a red flag that I believe critical thinking individuals should know about.

There’s also been chatter of Middle Eastern Military Aged Males surveying & asking questions about certain dams in Missouri (especially Bagnell Dam).  However, I have no idea how credible this source is.

Keep safe and stock up on emergency food supplies.