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Will the St. Jo Program resurface?

This video clip above shows KTVL Weatherman Kevin Lollis from Oregon admitting that Military aircraft are currently spraying chemicals over the US.

Here’s a quick summary on the St. Jo Program:

It involved spraying the US population with Zinc Cadmium Sulfide,
Radioactive Particles and Anthrax Stimulants.  Cadmium is a chemical
weapon and was labeled as such in WWII.  It was sprayed via aircraft,
rooftops and even from station wagons.  At the time, nearby residents and local officials were told it was just a massive smoke screen test to disguise
the city in case Russia attacked. This unethical human experiment was conducted to see what the long term
effects would be on the test subjects lungs and body.  Fatal Cancer
cases and Auto-immune diseases erupted in the areas where this took



Archived articles on the neurotoxin that is in your tapwater and public water system.


Fluoride is a poison and a neurotoxin that will lower your IQ according to a study conducted by Harvard University.  It’s currently in your tap water and public water system.

On January 25, 1945, Grand Rapids, Michigan,
became the first community in the United States to fluoridate its
drinking water to prevent tooth decay.

Recently, the Cochrane Collaboration, a group of doctors and researchers known for their comprehensive reviews— which are widely regarded as the gold standard of scientific rigor in assessing effectiveness of public health policies–recently set out if fluoridation reduces cavities.  They concluded that fluoridation does not reduce cavities to a statistically degree in Permanent teeth.  The doctors also found “insufficient evidence” that fluoridation reduces tooth decay in adults.

In spite of the research conducted by the Cochrane Collaboration, the American Dental Association still claims that fluoride prevents cavities and is perfectly safe to have in your public drinking water.

The following countries have banned Fluoride in the public water systems.

  • Austria
  • Belgium
  • Finland
  • Germany- The Nazi’s allegedly doped the Ghetto and the concentration camps with high doses of sodium fluoride.
  • Denmark
  • Sweden
  • Norway
  • The Netherlands
  • Hungary
  • Japan
  • Israel
  • Switzerland
  • Portugal
  • Italy
  • Iceland
  • Greece
  • France
  • Luxembourg

Charles Perkins, a chemist wrote the following to the Lee Foundation
for Nutritional Research, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, on October 2nd 1954: “In
the 1930s, Hitler and the German Nazis envisioned a world to be
dominated and controlled by a Nazi philosophy of pan-Germanism.  The
German chemists worked out a very ingenious and far reaching plan of
mass control, which was submitted to, and adopted by, the German General
Staff.  This plan was to control the population in any given area
through mass medication of drinking water supplies.  By this method they
could control the population in whole areas, reduce population by water
medication that would induce sterility in women and so on.  In this
scheme of mass control sodium fluoride occupied a prominent place.”

in mind, the United States imported an obscene amount of Nazi scientists during
Project Paperclip that still held on to there beliefs because they were
imported not for there character or political beliefs but just for their
scientific expertise. If you import a Nazi scientists that specializes in
doping drinking water supplies to control the masses in Germany and they
come to the United States they will still be a Nazi-German-American
scientists that specializes in doping drinking water supplies to control
the masses in the United States.


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Sources are provided by the link below from archived news articles.


Pandora’s Box App and 346 Archived Articles from Pbox2014


The above link provides 346 archived articles on the following topics: fracking/Hydraulic Fracturing, radiation hazards, nuclear disasters, biowarfare/biological warfare, Mystery viruses, unexplained illnesses, chemical warfare, Geo-Engineering, Weather Modification and even HAARP.

The Locations of these hazards locations are available on the below links by the free app Pandora’s Box.



Pandora’s Box is the only free app that is mapping radiation worldwide & lets the user know of over 4,000 environmental hazard locations covering the following topics listed below.
The following map overlays are offered with a checkbox for the user with an interactive map.

Select the i button on the bottom right of the map to view the following.

• Fracking Locations Worldwide (Past & Present) Canada, USA, UK, Ukraine, Romania included
• Nuclear Weapon Depots
• Nuclear Reactors (active & shutdown) Locations Worldwide
• Research Reactors (active & shutdown) Locations Worldwide
• Chemical Weapon sites, usage & storage. (The use of Agent Orange in Vietnam is included)
• Biological Weapon sites, usage & storage.
• Nuclear Submarine Bases (Confirmed & Suspected)
• Nuclear Explosion Sites
• Radiation Hazards Worldwide
• HAARP Locations
• Radiation Mapping & Readings (iOS Version only)
Here is a brief summary on a few of the topics listed above.

Radiation Hazards & All Nuclear Explosions throughout History: Hanford, Fukushima, Chernobyl, Sellafield, Los Alamos & the Nevada Test Site are a few of the sites included just to name a few. Did you know Las Vegas is 70 miles SE from the Nevada Test Site/NTS which has been host to over 900 nuclear explosions? Here’s another prime example of why radiation hazards are included; Simi Valley, California had a Research Reactor had a Nuclear meltdown in 1959 that was 240 times stronger than the 3 Mile Island Incident. Close to under a mile from the Simi Valley disaster is now a residential neighborhood that has no knowledge that incident ever occurred, that now changes with Pandora’s Box.

Radiation Mapping: The mapping out of radiation readings worldwide is the main objective with this app. Readings are currently available on the iOS version & the android app will be updated very soon. This is the only way to confirm you are not being fed manipulated information regarding how much radiation is present in your area & around the world.

Fracking/Hydraulic Fracturing: Close to 3,000 locations worldwide are provided courtesy of Harvard University, Skytruth & over a year of individual research. The dangers of fracking vary from harmful carcinogens released into the air & ground, contamination of aquifers & ground water, the violent release of methane & radiation is also a harmful byproduct near fracking locations. Its imperative people know where these fracking locations are around them.

Biological & Chemical Warfare: Make no mistake; this is the most horrific type of weaponry known to humanity. Sites used in 440 BC by the Spartans, WWI at Loos, Plum Island R&D Lab (Lyme Disease originated 10 miles from that biowarfare location), the infamous Unit 731 used during WWII on POW’s, areas where the government sprayed Anthrax stimulants over civilian populations, Mustard Gas sites from the Iran-Iraq War (Halabja Massacre included), & modern day locations are all included. At this very moment a Biowarfare R&D Lab is being built a few blocks away from Bill Snyder Stadium at Kansas State. Bill Snyder Stadium has a seating capacity of 50,000. The location of this Biowarfare Lab has the potential to be catastrophic. Biological & Chemical Warfare has been used for human experimentation by Governments around the world on their own citizens throughout history via aerosols from aircraft/car/rooftops during the St. Jo Program which took place in Missouri, Minnesota, Ohio, Texas, Michigan & Winnipeg. Recently, the UK admitted via declassified documents that they experimented on millions of their own citizens during a germ warfare test that went up to 1979.

HAARP: There are currently 21 HAARP Locations aka High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program currently labeled on the app & every month that number continues to grow. It is an ionosphere research program jointly funded by multiple governments. The most prominent instrument used with HAARP is the Ionosphere Research Instrument (IRI), a high-power radio frequency transmitter facility operating in the high frequency (HF) band. The IRI is used to temporarily excite a designated area of the Ionosphere. In other words, HAARP is firing extremely High Frequency radio waves directly into designated areas of the Ionosphere for stimulation & radar activity. The ionosphere is the part of the atmosphere that also filters solar radiation. One HAARP station emits 3.6 million Watts; the largest AM radio station in the USA emits 50,000 watts. Emitting that much Wattage in populated areas goes well beyond gross negligence.
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106 Archived articles on Radiation Hazards & Nuclear Disasters worldwide


The above link provides over 100 archived news articles covering the following topics:

  • Nuclear Disasters and Meltdowns including: Fukushima, Sellafield, Los Alamos, Hanford, Chernobyl and Simi Valley are included
  • Radiation Hazards including: Fracking Waste, Nevada Test Site/NTS, Bikini Atoll, San Onofre, Christmas Island, French Polynesia
  • Nuclear Threats including: Potential Dirty Bombs, the restart of the Cold War between Russia and NATO.

You can view the locations of these disasters and over 4,000 more by using these FREE apps.

It’s called Pandora’s Box

Android https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.flinthayes.pandorasbox

iOS  https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/pandoras-box/id893010795?mt=8

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Pandora’s Box presents 313 Archived articles on the following topics:


Nuclear Disasters

Radiation Hazards

Mystery Illnesses & Viruses (Biowarfare included)

The locations of these hazards are available on the free app Pandora’s Box.

Android https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.flinthayes.pandorasbox

iOS https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/pandoras-box/id893010795?mt=8