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It’s important you watch this:

ISIS has weaponized propane tanks and you’re going to see these types of devices again in the near future on a different continent. 

43 Propane tanks were stolen in Philadelphia & there was also a massive loot involving propane tanks stolen in the state of Missouri along with a bulk purchase by cash of 150 burner phones.

The Loot involving Propane Tanks from Philadelphia included:

  • 43 Total
  • 24 Tanks the size of a forklift
  • 9x 100 LB Tanks
  • 4x 50 LB Tanks
  • 2x 2 LB Tanks

The Loot involving Propane Tanks from Missouri:

  • 46 Total (Size Unknown)

Simply stated, this is a red flag that I believe critical thinking individuals should know about.

There’s also been chatter of Middle Eastern Military Aged Males surveying & asking questions about certain dams in Missouri (especially Bagnell Dam).  However, I have no idea how credible this source is.

Keep safe and stock up on emergency food supplies.








Former Attorney General of The United States Eric Holder admits wanting to use the education system to brainwash your children with anti-gun messages and some would argue that would push towards an agenda to disarm the population inside the United States.

Ironically enough he’d be directly involved with supplying Mexican Drug Cartels and ISIS connected terror groups with firearms during Operation Fast and Furious.

The guns from Operation Fast and Furious have been linked to the following attacks:

Eric Holder even said his greatest regret as Attorney General was not being able to implement his version of “gun control” upon the American people.  He’s also taken it a step further calling for gun owners to wear GPS tracking bracelets or watches with an RFID chip that communicates with the gun and allows it to fire.

Below, is the most important question involving Eric Holder and Operation Fast and Furious.

Why would the Attorney General of the United States want to brainwash American citizens about firearms and disarmament but at the same time arm our neighboring Drug Cartels in Mexico that have been affiliated with the following tactics:

  • Giving weapons to ISIS for acts of terrorism on US soil
  • Do you see the Red Flag?

  • Make no mistake about it, every 3 letter agency in the United States is expecting a large scale attack by ISIS on US soil and don’t be surprised if the weapons do get tracked back to Operation Fast and Furious.  That is if a legitimate investigation is launched after it happens.


    Thank you for reading and share it if you were enlightened.