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Jade Helm 15:

Quick Analysis:

Local officials who have been briefed on the Jade Helm 15 exercise say it is modeled after the French resistance to Nazi occupation during World War II.
It calls for some military personnel to play the role of the occupiers
and for others to work undetected as part of the resistance. Military
maps show Texas and Utah as “hostile,” other states as “permissive,” and
still others as uncertain but leaning hostile or friendly.

  • Local officials and residents were also told during the St. Jo Program that the mysterious spray coming from aircraft, rooftops and station wagons was harmless smoke to disguise there city in case Russia attacked.  It was a blatant lie by the Federal Government and It turned out they were spraying radioactive particles, zinc cadmium sulfide and Anthrax Stimulants over unsuspecting residents.  Cadmium is a Chemical Weapon. 

If the Jade Helm 15 exercise is indeed modeled after the French resistance to counter Nazi occupation during World War an important question comes to mind.

  • Do we have credible intelligence that a massive invasion from a foreign military inside the USA is imminent?
    • If so, which country?

Jade Helm 15 would be a very productive exercise to prepare for a large scale guerrilla warfare offensive carried out by ISIS on US soil.

Playing the devils advocate, this exercise also would also be of use to train the troops for Martial Law or even a coup.

September 11th, 1973 in Chile where General Pinochet used a coup d’état to take power and immediately started executing and detaining people who would oppose him.  The military killed thousands of Chileans (their very own people they swore to defend), or forced their “disappearance”. The military imprisoned 40,000 political enemies in the National Stadium of Chile.

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Former Attorney General of The United States Eric Holder admits wanting to use the education system to brainwash your children with anti-gun messages and some would argue that would push towards an agenda to disarm the population inside the United States.

Ironically enough he’d be directly involved with supplying Mexican Drug Cartels and ISIS connected terror groups with firearms during Operation Fast and Furious.

The guns from Operation Fast and Furious have been linked to the following attacks:

Eric Holder even said his greatest regret as Attorney General was not being able to implement his version of “gun control” upon the American people.  He’s also taken it a step further calling for gun owners to wear GPS tracking bracelets or watches with an RFID chip that communicates with the gun and allows it to fire.

Below, is the most important question involving Eric Holder and Operation Fast and Furious.

Why would the Attorney General of the United States want to brainwash American citizens about firearms and disarmament but at the same time arm our neighboring Drug Cartels in Mexico that have been affiliated with the following tactics:

  • Giving weapons to ISIS for acts of terrorism on US soil
  • Do you see the Red Flag?

  • Make no mistake about it, every 3 letter agency in the United States is expecting a large scale attack by ISIS on US soil and don’t be surprised if the weapons do get tracked back to Operation Fast and Furious.  That is if a legitimate investigation is launched after it happens.


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“My Dinner with Andre” 1981

  • This video clip is about five minutes and I guarantee it is well worth your time.

It covers the following topics:

  • Brainwashing
  • A Totalitarian Government based on Money
  • Questioning the Media
  • The Orwellian Nightmare
  • Concentration Camps
  • Tyranny
  • Premonition
  • Free thinkers
  • Critical Thinking
  • Human beings evolving to senseless and emotionless robots
  • The Dark Ages then and now
  • Underground societies

If that segment isn’t prophetic, I truly don’t know what is.  Just remember “someone who is bored is asleep and someone who is asleep won’t say no.”  In other words, it’s time to wake people up.


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