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Alexander Golod, who coordinated groups of
scientists in Russia, carried out scientific studies for over a
decade in fiberglass Pyramids built by him. The results showed
significant positive effects for both biological and non-biological
materials. The largest Pyramid built by Alexander Golod in Russia is
44 meters (144 feet) high and weights 55 tons.

Some of the scientific results of previous
studies with Golden Section Pyramids built by Alexander Golod show:

    • The Immune system of organisms increased
      upon exposure in the pyramid (Scientific Research Institute
      named by Mechnikov, Russian Academy of Medical Sciences);
    • Specific properties of medicines increase
      with decreasing side effects after exposure in the Pyramid
      of Virology named by Ivanovskiy, Russian Academy of Medical
    • Agricultural seeds placed in the pyramid
      showed a 30-100% increase in yield;
    • Russian military radar detected a large energy field a mile high above the Pyramids built by Alexander Golod which is
      thought to have repaired the Ozone layer in Russia (the same can
      be done for example in Australia);
    • The pathogenic strength of different
      viruses and bacteria becomes less with exposure in the pyramid
    • The amount of radioactivity becomes less
      after exposure in the pyramid.
    • Worked with more than 5000 people in jails in
      Russia showed that in a few months most crimes almost disappeared
      and behavior was much improved.
      This was attributed to the
      crystalline structures, which had been placed beforehand in the
      Pyramid and faced around the territories of jails.
    • Crystalline substances that had been placed in
      one of Alexander Golod’s big pyramids were delivered on board the
      MIR space station in 1998. These substances remained on the MIR
      space station for over a year. In October 2001, crystalline
      substances from the Pyramid were also placed on the International
      Space Station for 10 days. That experiment was for the benefit of the
      space stations and the entire world.

    This correlates directly with the research of Dr. Wilhelm Reich on Orgone Energy and it’s ability to release positive energy to boost the immune system, decrease radiation, improve biological behavior, balance weather, weaken viruses and increase plant yield along with growth.

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    A big thank you to Chemtrails Germany.

  • http://www.pyramids.ru/english.html


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    How to execute a coup d’état:

    1.  Isolate the hard core loyalist and patriots of the country and put them on one of the following list.

    • Detainee List: Make massive and widespread arrests.  At least 13,000 people were arrested within days of the 1973 Chilean coup.
    • Interrogation-Torture List: Force detainees to give the names of anyone who will resist the movement or should be immediately arrested.  Including family members, gun owners, friends, acquaintances, neighbors and Military Veterans.
    • Kill List- Have a “Caravan of Death” execute all people who are suspected or capable of the following:
      • Guerrilla Warfare: Military Veterans, Local Militia, registered gun owners.
      • Political Opposition: Eliminate all politicians that would speak out against the coup.
      • Media-Journalist:  Eliminate all journalist that have spoken out against the regime conducting the coup in the past.

    2.  On the day of the coup, Execute Step 1.

    3.  Seize control of the most popular TV & Radio Stations along with symbolic public buildings.

    • Tell the population a peaceful regime change is in place or a national disaster is imminent.
    • Declare Martial Law. 
      • Ensure the public this is just a temporary measure.
    • Instruct them to remain calm and do not leave their residence.
      • This will greatly help with executing Step 1.
    • Then shut down all forms of communication
      • Internet, Cell Towers, Smart Phones, Wifi, Fedex, USPS etc.
    • Shut down all airports.
    • Set up Road Blocks

    4.  Drug the Public Water Supply with a powerful neurotoxin.

    • High doses of fluoride will dull the masses and will prevent widespread panic.
      • The sooner this is accomplished, the better.

    5.  Carry out a mass gun confiscation.

    6.  Release the detainees back into the population.

    • Do this only after the gun confiscation is complete.
    • Execute the prisoners that were difficult to interrogate.
    • Make informants out of the most cooperative detainees
      • The same applies to those who were more than helpful while being interrogated.

    7. Enjoy your reign of Terror.

    Keep in mind, this is just the execution part of a coup d’état.

    In regards to planning, you’d need insiders at the highest levels of every 3 letter agency, law enforcement, central banking system and the mainstream media.


    Coup d’etat by Edward Luttack



    US to Deploy Six National Guard Companies to Ukraine This Week / Sputnik International

    For all of those who understand the risk of escalation, especially when it comes to committing troops to what some people consider a warzone with an infinite amount of uncertainties including a history of possible use of tactical nuclear weapons in the region, one could only imagine the potential consequences and the actions that could possibly follow.

    US to Deploy Six National Guard Companies to Ukraine This Week / Sputnik International

    Conway State Senator Recommends Tactical Nuclear Weapon Against ISIS

    Tactical Nuclear Weapons are starting to be discussed more openly in the media since the events that took place in Syria & Ukraine.

    Conway State Senator Recommends Tactical Nuclear Weapon Against ISIS

    Pandora’s Box – Google+

    Give Pandora’s Box some love on Google Plus!  Share our post on the Google Plus page to help us increase our availability on the search engines worldwide.  We need all the help we can get & in addition to being free, it just takes a few clicks & seconds of your time.

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    Pandora’s Box is the only free app that is mapping radiation worldwide & lets the user know of over 4,000 environmental hazard locations covering the following topics listed below.  
    The following map overlays are offered with a checkbox for the user with an interactive map.
    Select the i button on the bottom right of the map to view the following.
    • Fracking Locations Worldwide (Past & Present) Canada, USA, UK, Ukraine, Romania included
    • Nuclear Weapon Depots
    • Nuclear Reactors (active & shutdown) Locations Worldwide
    • Research Reactors (active & shutdown) Locations Worldwide
    • Chemical Weapon sites, usage & storage. (The use of Agent Orange in Vietnam is included)
    • Biological Weapon sites, usage & storage.
    • Nuclear Submarine Bases (Confirmed & Suspected)
    • Nuclear Explosion Sites
    • Radiation Hazards Worldwide
    • HAARP Locations
    • Radiation Mapping & Readings (iOS Version only)
    Here is a brief summary on a few of the topics listed above.
    Radiation Hazards & All Nuclear Explosions throughout History: Hanford, Fukushima, Chernobyl, Sellafield, Los Alamos & the Nevada Test Site are a few of the sites included just to name a few.  Did you know Las Vegas is 70 miles SE from the Nevada Test Site/NTS which has been host to over 900 nuclear explosions?  Here’s another prime example of why radiation hazards are included; Simi Valley, California had a Research Reactor had a Nuclear meltdown in 1959 that was 240 times stronger than the 3 Mile Island Incident.  Close to under a mile from the Simi Valley disaster is now a residential neighborhood that has no knowledge that incident ever occurred, that now changes with Pandora’s Box.
    Radiation Mapping: The mapping out of radiation readings worldwide is the main objective with this app.  Readings are currently available on the iOS version & the android app will be updated very soon.  This is the only way to confirm you are not being fed manipulated information regarding how much radiation is present in your area & around the world.
    Fracking/Hydraulic Fracturing: Close to 3,000 locations worldwide are provided courtesy of Harvard University, Skytruth & over a year of individual research.  The dangers of fracking vary from harmful carcinogens released into the air & ground, contamination of aquifers & ground water, the violent release of methane & radiation is also a harmful byproduct near fracking locations.  Its imperative people know where these fracking locations are around them.
    Biological & Chemical Warfare: Make no mistake; this is the most horrific type of weaponry known to humanity.  Sites used in 440 BC by the Spartans, WWI at Loos, Plum Island R&D Lab (Lyme Disease originated 10 miles from that biowarfare location), the infamous Unit 731 used during WWII on POW’s, areas where the government sprayed Anthrax stimulants over civilian populations, Mustard Gas sites from the Iran-Iraq War (Halabja Massacre included), & modern day locations are all included.  At this very moment a Biowarfare R&D Lab is being built a few blocks away from Bill Snyder Stadium at Kansas State.  Bill Snyder Stadium has a seating capacity of 50,000.  The location of this Biowarfare Lab has the potential to be catastrophic.  Biological & Chemical Warfare has been used for human experimentation by Governments around the world on their own citizens throughout history via aerosols from aircraft/car/rooftops during the St. Jo Program which took place in Missouri, Minnesota, Ohio, Texas, Michigan & Winnipeg. Recently, the UK admitted via declassified documents that they experimented on millions of their own citizens during a germ warfare test that went up to 1979.
    HAARP: There are currently 21 HAARP Locations aka High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program currently labeled on the app & every month that number continues to grow.  It is an ionosphere research program jointly funded by multiple governments.  The most prominent instrument used with HAARP is the Ionosphere Research Instrument (IRI), a high-power radio frequency transmitter facility operating in the high frequency (HF) band. The IRI is used to temporarily excite a designated area of the Ionosphere.  In other words, HAARP is firing extremely High Frequency radio waves directly into designated areas of the Ionosphere for stimulation & radar activity.  The ionosphere is the part of the atmosphere that also filters solar radiation.  One HAARP station emits 3.6 million Watts; the largest AM radio station in the USA emits 50,000 watts.  Emitting that much Wattage in populated areas goes well beyond gross negligence.
    So, if you  agree with the integrity that Pandora’s Box presents to the free world please share this app with your friends, families & loved ones.

    Pandora’s Box – Google+