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Just to be clear so I don’t get into any trouble or go onto another watchlist, I fully support anyone that punches a politician-member of Congress really fucking hard in the face.

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Commercial Militarism is Pricey: Uncle Sam Paying Millions to NFL to Promote Warfare State: http://thefreethoughtproject.com/ill-pay-salute-me-government-takes-hard-line-nfl/#ZuUL7jZCZhOtctcE.99


All those ceremonies that took place at NFL games before, during and after honoring fallen soldiers weren’t out of respect from the NFL but were actually paid for by the government with your tax dollars in a perverted scheme of propaganda.


The NFL also used the Tom Brady deflate gate saga to wag the dog to attract attention away from the following stories affiliated with the NFL this past off-season.

  • Murder
  • Rape
  • Assault
  • Child Endangerment
  • Child Abuse
  • Animal Cruelty
  • Burglary
  • Concussions
  • Performance Enhancing Drugs

Here’s a story courtesy of USA Today documenting The NFL’s not well known list of players arrested.


Having said that, I’m still watching the NFL as a distraction.

Was There a Cover-Up After the Sinking of the ‘Lusitania’?

The Lusitania was used a a pawn to bring the United States into WWI.

What was the motive by the British and The Allies?

  • Britain and The Allies were losing WWI before the event.
    • “There was a fear, and a well-grounded one, that England might be starved into abject surrender” Ambassador Walter. H. Page reported this to President Woodrow Wilson.
    • “At that time, it certainly looked as though we were going to lose the war.” British Foreign Secretary, Arthur Balfour
  • The food in the British Isles was not more than enough to feed the civilian population for six weeks.
  • Between 1914-1918, German Submarines sunk over 5,700 surface ships.
  • “Suppose they should sink the Lusitania with American passengers on board” King George V.
    • That was said four hours before the sinking.

How does one make the Lusitania an easy target for the Germans?

  • In May of 1913, she was dry docked and outfitted with extra armor.
  • In September of 1913, she returned to sea and was entered into the Admiralty fleet register as an Armed Auxiliary Cruiser.
    • She was previously registered as a Passenger Liner.
  • In October of 1914, Churchill ordered merchant ships no longer obey a U-boat order to halt and be searched for contraband.
  • Churchill ordered all British ships to remove their names from their hulls and when in port, to fly the flag of a neutral power, preferably the Starts and Sripes of The United States.
  • Churchill ordered “In all actions, white flags should be fired upon with promptitude.”
    • German POWs were not to be treated as prisoners but as felons.
  • February 4, 1915: Germany declares the water surrounding the British
    Isles a war zone and warns that all Allied ships will be attacked.  
  • The Lusitania was carrying contraband at the time of her sinking.
    • 600 tons of pyroxyline (gun cotton).
    • 1,248 cases of shrapnel shells.
    • They were labeled as cheese, lard and furs.
    • The German Embassy filed a formal complaint before the sinking to the US Government because it was a direct violation of International Neutrality Treaties.
  • The German Embassy purchased an ad in 50 US Newspapers warning Americans not to take passage on the Lusitania.
    • The State Department intervened and threatened libel suits to the would be publishers.
    • Of the 50 newspapers, only one printed the ad.
      • The Des Moines Register.  Yes, it’s in Iowa.
  • The Lusitania was ordered to rendezvous with a British destroyer, The Juno, off the coast of Ireland.
    • The Juno never made contact although it was in the area.
    • The Captain of the Lusitania was never told the rendezvous was cancelled.
  • The Lusitania was ordered to cut back on coal and shut down one of her four boilers.
    • She’d be operating on 75% power going into submarine territory.
    • One day before, two ships were torpedoed in the exact same area where the Lusitania was headed.

On May 7, 1915, The Lusitania was sank by the German submarine, U-20.  1,198 people drowned, including 128 Americans.

Woodrow Wilson was reelected November 7, 1916 because he kept the USA out of WWI but on April 6, 1917, the U.S. joined its allies Britain, France, and Russia to fight in WWI.  116,516 Americans lost there lives fighting in WWI.

I’ll leave you with this grave warning. History repeats itself.

Thank you reading and reblog if you were enlightened.






Riddle of the Lusitania by Robert Ballard

Winston Churchill, The World Crisis

Des Moine Register 😉

British Foreign Office Records

The Creature from Jekyll Island by G. Edward Griffin.



Was There a Cover-Up After the Sinking of the ‘Lusitania’?

Veterans Used In Secret Experiments Sue Military For Answers


American service members used in chemical and biological testing have some questions: What exactly were they exposed to? And how is it affecting their health?

Tens of thousands of troops were used in testing conducted by the U.S. military between 1922 and 1975. As one Army scientist explained, the military wanted to learn how to induce symptoms such as “fear, panic, hysteria, and hallucinations” in enemy soldiers. Recruitment was done on a volunteer basis, but the details of the testing and associated risks were often withheld from those who signed up.

Many of the veterans who served as test subjects have since died. But today, those who are still alive are part of a class action lawsuit against the Army. If they’re successful, the Army will have to explain to anyone who was used in testing exactly what substances they were given and any known risks. The Army would also have to provide those veterans with health care for any illnesses that result, in whole or in part, from the testing.

The law firm representing the veterans estimates at least 70,000 troops were used in the testing, including World War II veterans exposed to mustard gas, whom NPR reported on earlier this summer.

Bill Blazinski has chronic lymphocytic leukemia, which he thinks may have been caused by the military tests. He was 20 years old when he volunteered in 1968.

“There would be a guaranteed three-day pass every weekend unless you had a test,” he says. “There would be no kitchen police duties, no guard duties. And it sounded like a pretty good duty.”

What sounded more like a vacation than military duty quickly changed, he says. In one test, doctors said they would inject him with an agent and its antidote back to back.

“We were placed in individual padded cells. And you know the nurse left and I’m looking at this padded wall and I knew it was solid but all of a sudden started fluttering like a flag does up on a flag pole,” he recalls.

To learn about what substances made him hallucinate, in 2006, Blazinski requested the original test documents under the Freedom of Information Act. “It showed an experimental antidote for nerve agent poisoning with known side effects, and another drug designed to reverse the effects of the first,” he says.“

Researchers kept information about which agents they were administering from test subjects to avoid influencing the test results. A lawyer representing the veterans, Ben Patterson of the law firm Morrison and Foerster, says that’s a problem.

“They don’t know what they were exposed to. You know, some of these substances were only referred to by code names,” Patterson says.

Code names such as CAR 302668. That’s one of the agents, records show, that researchers injected into Frank Rochelle in 1968.

During one test, Rochelle remembers that the freckles on his arms and legs appeared to be moving. Thinking bugs had crawled under his skin, he tried using a razor blade from his shaving kit to cut them out. After that test, he says he hallucinated for 40 hours.

“There were animals coming out of the walls,” he says. “I saw a huge rabbit and he was solid white with red eyes.”

In 1975, the Army’s chief of medical research admitted to Congress that he didn’t have the funding to monitor test subjects’ health after they went through the experiments. Since then, the military says it has ended all chemical and biological testing.

Test subjects like Rochelle say that’s not enough.

“We were assured that everything that went on inside the clinic, we were going to be under 100 percent observation; they were going to do nothing to harm us,” he says. “And also we were sure that we would be taken care of afterwards if anything happened. Instead we were left to hang out to dry.”

The Department of Justice is representing the Army in the case and declined to comment for this story. In June, an appeals court ruled in favor of the veterans. On Friday, the Army filed for a rehearing.

An estimated 70,000 soldiers were tested on with biological and chemical weapons by the United States government.

Veterans Used In Secret Experiments Sue Military For Answers

VA and FBI Work Together To Disarm Vets | The Daily Caller

Just when you thought you couldn’t be more disgusted with the integrity of the VA you come along an article like this documenting that the VA is working in cahoots with the FBI and ATF for gun confiscation of veterans that served the United States during wartime. I know there are individuals in the FBI and ATF that will not follow through on that mission but the question is will they protect veterans from gun confiscation or will they just step aside and let some brainwashed Boy Scout zealot do the job for them without saying a word.

VA and FBI Work Together To Disarm Vets | The Daily Caller

As NBC conducts its official investigation of Brian Williams’ reporting, the media is taking its own microscope to the storied anchor’s stories on Seal Team Six.

Keep in mind, Brian Williams just reads a teleprompter & pushes the news that NBC tells him to. 

Brian Williams is a parrot for pushing propaganda and will be replaced by a person doing the exact same thing.

General David Petraeus elaborates on why the United States of America can not leave Afghanistan.  He specifically states that there is Trillions of Dollars of Minerals/Precious Metals in the country.  

Osama Bin Laden fled from Afghanistan to Pakistan in December 2001 during the Battle of Tora Bora. 

The OEF acronym stands for Operation Enduring Freedom, appreciate the irony.

Vets feel abandoned after secret drug experiments – CNN.com

Vets feel abandoned after secret drug experiments – CNN.com